Resilience and Efficiency for the Mill Industry

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How quickly can your company adapt to new constraints? 

Many mill enterprises are familiar with peaks and dips in demand, interruptions to the supply chain, new customer requirements, rising awareness of sustainability issues and pressure to develop new products as part of day-to-day business. This is particularly true for companies who produce paper, card or film. In order to remain profitable in this challenging climate, these enterprises need to act quickly and respond promptly to changing constraints. Read how a solid foundation of integrated digital processes enables them to meet the challenges of today’s business.


Demand peaks intersect with continually rising prices for materials such as scrap paper and plastic granules, while raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and producers face persistent supply problems. 

This naturally impacts the market conditions for paper, card and film manufacturers. At the same time, many of the cross-border traffic regulations have been tightened during the pandemic. Consequently, cargo space is limited and freight costs are increasing. Energy costs are also on the rise (for example due to Germany’s new carbon tax) – with particularly heavy impacts for energy-intensive producers such as paper manufacturers.

The overall result: despite solid order levels, business margins are no longer acceptable. Read the whitepaper to better understand the challenges faced by producers of paper, film and packaging, and their strategies for overcoming them. 

You’ll find information about:

  • how seamless digital process chains help companies work more efficiently.
  • the tools that successful enterprises leverage to remain profitable.
  • why enterprises can introduce optimization strategies much more quickly than ever before.
  • how enterprises can use digital applications to build resilience and secure themselves against a future crisis.

Our new whitepaper offers comprehensive insights into the challenges faced by many mill industry enterprises and explains how producers of paper, film or card can leverage the digital transformation, make new applications and processes work for them, and thus secure their position in today's competitive markets.